What's Next For The NGL

by NGL Personnel

ATLANTA, GA-- As summer approaches, everyone is hopeful that life will return to normal. But unfortunately, post-COVID-19, there may be a new normal. 

World health concerns have canceled 2020 spring and summer competitions for all sports leagues throughout the globe. The National Gridiron League (NGL) being no different as the league was forced to cancel all its 100 scheduled contests, but as we look into the future, what's next for America's premier arena football league? 

Expansion, league officials have garnered the attention of many within the sports industry with their decision to allow games in outdoor venues. The move enables growth in any mid-size or major market, opening up a wealth of possibilities for potential expansion locations. The league has been in advanced discussions with several investment groups with more information to be released later this fall. 

With the collapse of the XFL, the NGL is determined to make a concerted effort in improving player talent. The league has been able to attract many former NFL players and major college football players to its team rosters. Those efforts will continue this off-season as players' salaries will see a small increase. 

COVID-19 has been devastating to America's small businesses. The National Gridiron League and all member teams are currently discussing community outreach initiatives focused on small businesses. Those discussions are focused on finding ways to initiate co-branding and marketing opportunities for small businesses as they attempt to recover from the pandemic. 

As the world strives to return to normal, the NGL is striving to separate itself from other spring football leagues, becoming a permanent fixture within the American sports industry. So, to answer the question of what's next for the NGL? It appears to be a pretty bright future. 

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