by NGL Personnel

ATLANTA, GA-- The National Gridiron League (NGL) unveiled its new logo identity for the Eastern Football Conference (EFC) with a revamped brand structure for all marks and revised color scheme. 

 The new branding identity comes after a conscientious process to create a strong, cohesive set of marks to modernize the look while staying true to the league's mission.

 "It's important for the NGL to showcase a visual identity that is a step toward the future while building upon the work of the league that we are so proud of," said NGL Chairman Joe McClendon. "We're excited to unveil this new look that elevates the profile of the Eastern conference and embodies the spirit of the uniqueness in the conference moving forward."

 The new branding is based on a combination of the conference name and official colors of the NGL. The Eastern Football Conference logo displays the letter "E" that withholds two stars to symbolize the conference's north and south divisions. A refreshed color scheme of red gives the marks a bolder presence, and the custom typeface combined with the Amoba font family gives an exclusive feel for the conference.

 "We wanted to create a brand family that has applications that allowed us to adjust to the best possible uses in the given situation," added McClendon. "Our primary logo will be the monogram version that says NGL that will live on our fields. Our conference logo and word-marks clearly define their respective conference."

The EFC will be host to six NGL franchises in the Atlanta Wildcats, Dayton Firebirds, Indiana Blue Bombers, Pittsburgh Pioneers, Virginia Beach Destroyers, and Virginia Iron Horses

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About the National Gridiron League

As America's premier arena football league, the National Gridiron League works to serve communities with quality professional sports entertainment and community outreach initiatives. 

 The league is comprised of twelve franchises based throughout the southeast and the mid-western United States.