NGL Approves Relocation Of Two Franchises

by NGL Personnel

ATLANTA, GA-- As the National Gridiron League (NGL) concluded league meetings, two league franchises completed the final threshold for relocation.

League Chairman Joe McClendon III confirmed Wednesday that the league unanimously approved the relocation of two smaller market ball clubs.

This is a crucial step to get the league in a position to secure additional large corporate sponsors that have an interest in extensive partnerships.

Wednesday, McClendon said the vote was the final step before relocation could become official. Previously, the franchises had to secure corporate partnerships and medical partnerships as well as a facility agreement before a vote could be taken. They also needed what's called a non-objection letter from a minimum of four league board members. McClendon said he is confident in the process and confident the board is acting in the best interest of the league's long-term prospects.

Now that relocation is approved, the league can move forward with a groundbreaking 2020 league schedule announcement. 

Meanwhile, league leaders continue to move toward construction of a gridiron specific stadium, planned to anchor a soon to be announced 2021 expansion franchise. 

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